Escorted Tours

Escorted Tours are one of the best ways to discover a region. Your Tour Director is a local and will give you an inside look at all the best sights and hidden family-run bodegas. Slowwines escorted tours are normally conducted by one of our in house  tour directors who takes care of all services from beginning to end of the tour. Our escorted tours include hotels, inland transportation, transfers to the airport/hotel, most meals, wine tasting in bodegas and sightseeing. None of our tours include flights. Our Escorted tours do not follow the standard and we can easily spend more than 3 nights as a base to visit wines estates. Our escorted Tours are slow-paced and if you come to you that is what you can expect.

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Guided Tour

Guided Tours are somewhat similar to Escorted tours but visitors are greeted by a local representative rather than a Tour Director and will have activities or venues led on their own, without the presence of local guides. Local guides' role is to guide in determined activites and functions, and be available to answer questions through the duration of the tour. Some meals, accommodations and sightseeing may be included in your tour. This style is ideal for people who want some freedom but still have the comfort of a guide.

Because we are commited to quality, our tours are capped at 4 to 12 travelers. Try to find that elsewhere in the inboud tourism industry. 

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Your Slowwines tour will include the following:

  • Holiday Pack
  • All Breakfasts and Dinners* are included
    * (excludes dinner on your last day)

Also, for an extra fee, we can include the Rental Car. We need to hear from you the rental car category you'd prefer.

Guided or Self-Drive Tour? What to choose?

Check out our Table comparing Slow Wines Guided and Self Drive Tours.