art of slow wine travel

Authentic, leisure tours

Our driving passion is the culinary and wine experiences offered in the Iberian Peninsula. We are curious about how these elements intertwine and slowly forge traditions in a local culture. 

Time is a gold resource for the curious traveler and slowness can be the ultimate luxury for the contemplative traveler. Our holidays are a manifesto against the hectic pace, we have adopted the wine without fuss attitude and beleive that not only traveling well lies in the quality of the leisure but also in the quality of the food and drinks that make our holiday diet. 
We decided that our travelers should no longer move daily from one accommodation to another. Packing and unpacking should be limited to the minimum during your stay. No hurry, be happy!

Wine travelers will enjoy places and tasting wines sessions to a greater extend when they step back from the organizational aspects.
This is our job to organize things and make it happen. That's what we do.

The art of slowness

The Slowwines holidays are scheduled in comfortably and without haste. We want you to relax your mind, not to worry about changing hotels every day, about the unnecessary repetitive packing and unpacking as a daily procedure!
Your experience is about enjoying your travel. Taking time throughout your stay, tasting local gastronomy, tasting unusual wines in unexpected places, in the company of an expert oenologist.
Our Slowwines guides will sometimes step back, allowing the travelers to enjoy the places, a shared moment with the local vine-growers. No hurry, no rush: we want Slowwines holidays to reflect the art of traveling, that is, in slow motion. New cultures and people are best appreciated when we take the time to observe and understand them. Embark with us on a slow wine tour!