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Slowwines is a Spanish based travel company, founded by two well-travelled wine lovers. Our company is dedicated to wine holidays, we bring you the culture behind the bottle. We are dedicated to wine travels and private food tours around the Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal). This has been our main endeavour since the launch of our activities.

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Slowwines organizes tours of wineries. This is what we do best. We are a licensed, insured and fully bonded tour operator and travel agency.  When you talk to us, no other third party is involved, this means your payment and booking is secure.
Spain and Portugal are our main destinations, as this is our regional base. We have great knowledge of wines in Spain, probably more than any other tour operator in the business. The travel options offered in the years to come will expand to new wine destinations as we grow.
We work with a wide audience of wine lovers, culinary specialists and professionals. Wine enthusiasts & winery travellers come to us to experience wine sessions with passionate people and to hear about wine-growing techniques. 

We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we ensure every detail covered. We cover all the aspects of the tour bookings , ensuring a full package with no extra booking needed. We're here to make every experience count as unique.

Our team speaks fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese (among others), as do our guides and chauffeurs.
We customize every tour to meet your interests, dietary needs and level of activity

Throughout your experience we will provide exclusive personalized customer service from the first day wWe also have professional wine educators or sommeliers with knowledge about specific regions. 

We provide 100% back office support, this includes emergency support if needed.  We are here for any question you may have or want to get in touch: always available for you!

We have personally done the legwork and hand-selected all of our suppliers including wineries, quality boutique hotels, private chefs, private drivers, dinner restaurants, etc. We have nurtured lifelong friendships and relationship throughout the regions of Iberia that will show extremely useful in your experience of our destinations. This will participate in the memories of your trip!


We are a team of wine specialists with vast knowledge of many regional wines. We love to share stories and tasting techniques for the curious wine lovers. We organize and customize wine education programs for small groups, clubs or bigger organizations. We also regularly give tastings and lectures on various subjects related to wine. We work with private wine enthusiasts as well as professionals. Those who want to improve their knowledge about wine will find courses ranging from beginner to in-depth programs. As for the latter, we can offer assistance to the people in the business: for example, wine importers and sommeliers.
Wine courses and training sessions could include:

  • Wine courses for wine enthusiasts from beginner to advanced level
  • Latest wine developments in Spain for a big wine importer
  • Staff training for the waiters of a gourmet restaurant
  • Combined program pairing a courses & vineyard visits

Contact us if you have an educational project or a tasting event. We always come with solutions.

We offer a range of media related to wine, gastronomy and travel
Slowwines has some exceptional media creators on its team and is starting to develop a quality image bank of its own. Our photographers cover the wines and culinary travel in Spain and Portugal. This is all about wineries, vineyards, and tasting sessions.
If you represent a publishing house or a specialized wine/ food magazine, come to us and see what we can do for you.
We are happy to provide you with more information.
We have our in-house experts in video production and editing. Ask us to develop specific creative media for any specific purpose.
So far we have worked on assignments to request or create social media content for wine estates and wineries. The content of our video material is usually a series of interviews with winemakers and others involved in the production process.

Our agency offers consulting services to restaurateurs, wine importers, wine producers and individuals, based on solid wine expertise and ground experience.
Our topics: wines: ecological wines / author wines etc..; Grape varieties, Big and small family-run wineries.

Some examples of projects

  • Finding new wine suppliers within specific market segments
  • Consulting on sales strategy for wine producers in specific markets
  • Approaching the Scandinavian wine market
  • Wine review and wine selection

If you have a consulting project: contact us!

Slowwines writes about wine, food and travel. We can collaborate with wine and food magazines.
We have storytelling skills for the wineries and wines estates looking to market their product out of our traditional geographical area. Our contribution can help small and medium companies adopt a consistent Social Media strategy and reach measurable results.
See our portfolio of articles published in the Slowwines blog, where you will find a good panel of both in-house Slowwines writers and external contributors.
We also accept writing assignments. We write for third parties but we also appreciate contributions from other talented copywriters!
Contact us if you are interested in writing for our blog.
Slowwines does not sell wines, however we arrange the transportation of wines that our clients have bought during the visits of certain wineries. We cannot guarantee the delivery at your home address; you will have to collect your order at the closest store. We have a very reliable service with Germany, Belgium and Scandinavia, where drop off zones have been agreed upon in collaboration with important local carriers.

We are a team of passionate, international well travelled specialists, whose motto is "discover wines in slow motion". By promoting encounters of wine lovers with vine-growers, at the heart of the wine-producing regions, we help close the bond between the producers and the wine enthusiasts. We also are wine-story-tellers by many standards. In this agency, we simply put our combined knowledge of travel and wines to come up with the most brilliant and exciting venture in the world of wines. Embark with Slowwines on an epic wineries journey!