Slowwines is the simplest way to great wine experiences

This  incoming DMC agency has the power to raise glasses! Like red wine ageing slowly into wood cask, we have combined insightful knowledge of Spain and Portugal, countless travels and packing days and of course wine, to come up with the most exciting project to promote exceptional experiences and discoveries in the peninsula. There are already a few good wine trips behind us and much more to come ahead with groups from all over the world.
Our world is yours if you want to trust us like many travelers before.

The Natural Team :


Pierre Balsam

Pierre is co-founder of Slowwines. He may believe he is a French-Danish actor co-starting alongside with big names in games of thrones, but down the road, he is just good at handstand practicing in all kinds of places. The rest of the time he is tied up with what is probably the most captivating product on earth: wine! The wine travel agency is no accident, since he's been driven by enormous curiosity towards wines. He has undertaken explorations into wine regions for the last 6 years and has earned a degree in the Université de Dijon, Burgundy. Now going for sommelier and WSET3.

After a period of leading nature and trekking tours as guide, many guiding trips to Rusia and Central Asia, he went to different cool places to learn how to make wine. From each and all experiences he drew the best human and cultural side. When he is reasonably sobber, his stories need no revamping.The slowwines innitative is a proposal to share as an insider the best cellardoors and wineries of Spain and Portugal.

You might run into him in Douro Northern Portugal, Rioja, Navarra, Bierzo, Priorat, Penedès, Jerez- Sherry around Cadíz and Binissalem in Mallorca.


Helena Staels

Helena is co-founder of Slowwines. She was born and raised in Aalst, Belgium, she studied at Ghent University. She has lived in Spain for more than two decades and has a good all-round knowledge about the country. She worked as an interpreter and started her own business in Salamanca in the early nineties, teaching Spanish as a foreign language and doing translation work from her native language (Dutch ) and French. She’s been using professionaly many languages which makes her fluent in Spanish, French, Dutch, English, German and Portuguese. Being in contact with the rest of the world has been decisive in her recent move. Since she is enthusiastic about almost everything related to wine, travel and winemakers, she began to study oenology and wine-tasting at the University of Dijon, Burgundy. While doing translation work for several wineries, she felt the impetus to share what she felt was the best of iberia in wine and travel.
Helena has personally visited all the wineries to design routes, holiday packages and expand wine tourism concepts for the company. Her leadership and organisational skills allow her to personally oversee every detail of the Slowwines tours.