Surprinsing Bierzo

Bierzo district has a long legacy of winemaking history. The valley where the grapevines are placed has a slight slope starting in the pine forests of the surrounding mountains, protecting them of the severity of the Atlantic. The production of protected wines is done exclusively with approved wine varieties. The most important red is Mencía and the most important whites are Doña Blanca and Godello.

Mencía is the reference grape variety for producing superb red wines, growing in 70% of the grapevine. This variety gives small and compact clusters, with medium-size oval-shaped berries with thick skin, which are regular in its cross section. The red wines made with Mencía grapes are remarkable due to their ageing potential, their characteristic velvety palate, without forgetting the optimal conditions of this variety in the production of young red wines.

The rosé wines: aromatic, fruity, alive, light and smooth.

The white wines: clear and bright, pale straw coloured, sweet tones and vivid acidity.

White wines

These are young wines, produced with Doña Blanca and Godello. The alcohol content ranges between 10% and 13%.

Young red wines
Young wines have specific scales of the Regulatory Council which are respected such as minimal total acidity, volatile acidity and maximum volatile acidity.

Old wines without ageing

With specific scales and vintage indicated.

Rosé wines
Made from red and white grapes, with an alcohol content between 11% and 14%. There is predominance of a wide array of colours – ranging from onion skin to orange – in the rosé wines.


Old wines with ageing

These wines are aged for two years before release, of which six months are spent in oak barrels with a capacity of less than 1,000 litres. Mencía has the property of producing aged wines, obtaining its maximum splendour from three to five years.

Reserva wines

Wines with an ageing period of 3 years, of which 12 months should be in oak barrels and 24 months in bottles.
White and rosé wines must be stored for at least 6 months in oak barrels and 18 months in bottles, that is, two years in total.