Press presentation of Slowwines


SlowWines is the Wine and Winery Tour Company that Wine lovers trust in their quest for premium winery escapes.
We operate in Spain and Portugal , on a total of 26 sub-regions, all being the best wine districts selected for their wine quality or unique landscape.

All in all, we have a portfolio of wine experiences combined with other treats in some of the he most captivating wine regions of the Iberian peninsula.

Slowwines travel is the registered trademark of Wines and Wild S.L, a licensed, fully bonded and insured travel specialist based in Salamanca, Spain. The company meets all the current regulations under the Spanish Law with regards to the services and activities led by an established tour operator in Castile and Léon, Spain.

By promoting encounters of wine lovers with vine-growers, at the heart of the wine-producing regions, we help close the bond between the producers and the wine enthusiasts. We simply cherrish this bond to exceptional vineyards and prestigious or simply less prominent vintners.

Winetravelers and foodies longing for a real opportunity to come across flagship wines in landmark wine regions will look at our tailored visits to passionate family-run cellards. Our bespoke wine trips are perfect for private groups, wine clubs or wine students (sommeliers, winemakers..).
We have an insightful knowledge of the biggest and most unexpected wineries / bodegas of the iberian peninsula. With our expert guides and tour directors, we make every day of every tour the best experience it can be.

slowwines for the press

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