Self-Drive Tour

A Self-Drive Tour is an easy way to travel and discover your own places of interest. You always know what comes next on the program. You are actually visiting what you like most, at your pace.

Self-Guided Tour is ideal for independent travellers who can get around on their own, as opposed to requiring an escort or guide to prepare the route, schedules, information and places toured for you. A guided tour means there is a pre-established timetable for all members of the group, while the self-drive have more freedom and flexibility. About half of our Slow Wines holidays are self-driven and can depart year-round at any date.

You can adopt one of our routes or suggest your own and allow us to design your itinerary in a very personalized way.

Slowwines  Self drive tours come with a holiday pack including navigation material, notes or guide book, maps, instructions, directions and suggestions on what to see or do during your self-guided tour.

Slowwines also provides the following services: arranging your car rental, and booking your hotels. You do the driving and enjoy your trip! We help you to avoid all the messy details.

What do we offer?

You receive ongoing support from a local travel agent and you can resolve any doubt by calling us.
We are your personal contact before, during and after your journey.

The rental car of your choice, hotel booking, maps, detailed explanation about places, visits to bodegas, museums, trips or town visits with local guides, restaurant and spectacle reservations.

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Your Slowwines tour will include the following:

  • Holiday Pack
  • All Breakfasts and Dinners* are included
    * (excludes dinner on your last day)

Also, for an extra fee, we can include the Rental Car. We need to hear from you the rental car category you'd prefer.

Guided or Self-Drive Tour? What to choose?

Check out our Table comparing Slow Wines Guided and Self Drive Tours.

To put it simply: it really depends on your personality, curiosity and expectations about a group winery tour. With the guided tour, you will be picked up from the airport and taken to your hotel; you will share accommodations and possibly eat together with the others in your group. You will visit wine estates as part of a small group. This does not mean that you must spend the entire time with the group. While you may have a lot of knowledge about wines, you can learn from our guides who are all local and understand the cultural heritage. The guide or tour director provides support and extensive information, and is happy to share his/her cultural knowledge. Our experienced guides speak fluent English. You will also be provided with a holiday pack containing maps, luggage tags, general information and directions.


Our self-drive tours offer a similar but more flexible package. You are not restricted to particular dates as with the guided tours, where a minimum number of participants are required to form a group. Self-guided is the perfect solution if you’d like to travel with friends or family. We can certainly arrange for a guide at destinations. In the self-drive tours, the flexibility offered in your schedule is self limited to the package program you have accepted.  You have control over your own time management. Travelers must be self-disciplined and show care about the timely access to the scheduled venues. Slowwines has deliberately created relatively light programs, with qualitative content, taking into consideration the driving distances from point to point. Holidays are by no mean a moment to rush.

Our comparative table

Guided Tours
  • Certified and Knowledgeable English Speaking Guide
  • Maps and information pack
  • Airport transfer included
  • Luggage transfer included
  • Holiday pack included
  • Slightly less expensive
  • Restricted to dates (see table above)
  • All breakfast, meals and dinners included*(* with rare exceptions)
Self drive Tours
  • Comprehensive maps and information pack
  • Airport transfer NOT included
  • Luggage transfer NOT included
  • Holiday pack included
  • Slightly more expensive (about 10%)
  • Any date year-round
  • All breakfasts and dinners included (*dinners are generally not included on last day of the tour)

Also, for a small extra fee, A local expert guide can be hired on a daily basis