Galicia: Wine tasting tour into the shore wines of Galicia

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Rias Baixas region is located along Spain’s north western coast. This region of Galicia meets exactly what we expect from a land bordered by a succession of estuaries and rugged coastline.  The Albariño is the emblematic wine in the denomination of origin Rias Baixas. The seafront vineyards offer a slightly distinctive white wine than the ones in the interior, with notes that can vary from a rather mineral flavor profile, sometime with a hint of gentle lime and saline to more aromatic and floral quality wines.
Our program is about connecting with a sublime, somehow nonchalant region of sea and land, one that fits the likes of the western coast of Ireland. It is also about meeting with innovative or traditional Galician winemakers and exchanging recipies in their cellars


Why we like this wine region

Rias Baixas evokes unconscioulsy the western shores of Ireland, the image of lush vegetation is striking the visitor. Just the mere look at the natural reserve areas : One National Park, including the Marine National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia; two Biosphere Reserves; one Natural Park, a marshland close to the coastline; more than 16 areas incorporated into the Natura 2000 network and numerous Special Protection Areas for Birds.

The common idea of ​​Galicia is that this is a land associated with green, a Celtic heritage, a rugged coastline, impressive lighthouses, the sound of bagpipes ...all this is true. But Rias Baixas offers much more and is yet to be discovered. This is a land of small fishing villages that harbor their own treasures, many hidden gems like small Romanesque churches, ancient monasteries, some of them in remote rural locations;  fortresses and castles, still standing, are perfect reminiscence of the past.
In our view, this region is increadibly attractive for the visitor, despite its somehow capricious weather, for is it the home of a noble white wine: the Albariño. Wandering in exceptional 'pazos' and their timeless gardens are one of our favorite activities.

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Places of interest
  • Santiago de Compostela
  • Cambarros, its Alariño festival
  • The ancient monasteries
  • The Rias Baixas wineries
  • The Ribera Sacra wineries
  • Pazos with stunning gardens
  • Combarros fishing village
  • Perfect wandering places
  • The Camelia route
  • The panoramic view from Castro de Santa Tegra
  • Art exposed in the Nature
  • The marine life & birdlife in do Faro and Cíes islands
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