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The silent art of the portwine-maker (2 days)

Intense port wine route in the emblematic wine region of Douro and Porto

There is now a highly savoury region that every travelling winelovers needs to tick once in their lifetime: Douro and Northern Portugal

Pierre Balsam
Over the years,  I have consistently progressed into wine and wine-making, multiplying experiences in the world of wines, either in wineries or simply writing articles for lifestyle and travel magazines. Prior to this I have worked in operations and logistics assignments involving seamless material flows between production plants. I guess my organisation skills come from these years.
My interest in wine started like an affair with sparkling wines, particularly Champagne and then Cava. It triggered a learning process on all possible wine topics. I am constantly thrilled by the intriguing chemistry betwen the wine and the people behind wines.  This is so true for oenology. We understand the underlying wine culture with a bit of time, a stroll in the vineyard as we exchnage with the winemaker. Wine through travelling is also very rewarding, time and time again, it fuels fantastic discoveries. 
I am a keen promoter of wine escapes, convinced this entertaining approach fits everyone's taste.
I have enthusiastically embraced Slowwines travel venture, leading small groups on more than 15 different destinations.


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2 days - The silent art of the portwine-maker

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