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The silent art of the portwine-maker (2 days)

Intense port wine route in the emblematic wine region of Douro and Porto

There is now a highly savoury region that every travelling winelovers needs to tick once in their lifetime: Douro and Northern Portugal

Pierre Balsam
I have invested time and have progressed greatly into wine knowledge over these years. My interest in wine started like an affair with sparkling wines, particularly Champagne and then Cava , learning directly from the producers in Penedes. I started to read on all wine topics. I am resolutely an insider when it comes to Spain and Portugal, with a special mention to the people behind wines. In the world of wine, I keep on learning new stuff every day like a rocky. The day I approach the wine culture with a snobby attitude will damper any progress and excitment, I don't want that! The wine culture is best grabbed in serenpidity, it's about accidental occurences..and lots of fun.  
To me, there is no better plan than the one that allows everyone to discover wine regions at their own pace, through entertaining and endless conversation while strolling in the vineyards. 
I have earned my stripes in organisation from the years I worked in operations and logistics roles involving seamless material flows between production plants.
I have enthusiastically led international groups on more than 15 different destinations.

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2 days - The silent art of the portwine-maker

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