8 reasons to Travel with Slowwines

We are a team of passionate, international well travelled specialists, whose motto is “discover wines in slow motion”.
Slowwines consistently strive to provide outstanding tours throughout your winery holiday.
Here are the 8 reasons we think you should book with us:

1. We deal directly with service providers

We do not work with intermediaries. This means that we are in direct contact with the bodegas, wine estates, lodgings. We deal directly with hotels, and all our service providers. We have maintained a strong relationship with them since our first tours.

2. A selection of hotels with character

The Slowwines team has hand-picked all accommodations after personally visiting each venue. Quality and local cuisine is our priority. You will always be booked in the centre of the villages or towns.

It is also a possible to enjoy "Country Cottage" style accommodations. The Slowwines team has selected a number of small luxury properties so you can take advantage of our 'Superior Style' offer.

3. We are Travel and wines specialists – We advise you

The Slow Wines team has many years of experience in organizing trips. Our team is intimately familiar with every tour we offer. Our guides on the ground are experienced in giving guided tours. Not only does our entire staff have a general education in wines, but some of our professional guides have even taught wine classes at all levels… an invaluable asset for all of us!

4. Outstanding customer service and customer satisfaction

You are more than customers, you are our guests! We are committed to ensuring that your holidays are of the most excellent quality. We also constantly strive to deliver flawless service. We take our customers' feedback into account. We will provide you with an emergency number (reserved for our 'self-drive' clients), accessible 7 days a week during most hours of the day. Our team is on standby to assist you before, during and after your visit. All of this for your peace of mind.

5. Complete Holiday pack

We are aware that the quality of a tour can be improved by an informative & useful holiday pack. Our holiday pack contains practical information, notes and maps to enjoy your wine experience with us to the fullest.

6. Small groups

With Slowwines, you will never travel with a group of more than 10 persons. Corporate groups, however, may have up to 20 persons. In our experience, small groups promote greater interaction among the participants. You soon get to know the others in your group, make new friends, meet and enjoy this special time together. Small groups also allow for a smooth and flawless logistics and provide the guide with greater opportunity to give more individualized attention to each participant.

With smaller groups, we quickly get to know each other.

Enjoying yourself will add to the learning experience......this is what travel in slow motion is all about.

7. English speaking guides with certified wine education

The guided tours are a strong component of what Slow Wines tours offer. These tours depart on selected dates. When travelling with Slow Wines, you will be part of a congenial group and travel with our experienced guide who speaks both English and the local language fluently. Some guides have a wider range of spoken languages. The guide knows everything about the area visited and will share his/her cultural and artistic insights with you.

8. Taking a stance – It's about the vision of wines travel.

We would like to take a moment to express our personal view about the renowned wine estates in contrast to the small wine producers.

Thoroughly enjoying the world of wine is invariably entwined with the people surrounding us. Slowness is achievable only if the right people accompany and share their valuable time with us. We believe that the hospitality offered by wineries is of utmost importance. We have found that smaller wineries welcome their guests much more warmly and sincerely than their larger counterparts. Prominent and renowned wineries employ their own staff, which might not always result in the right person to attend to your specific needs.

Beyond personal interaction, the world of wines encompasses culture, heritage and gastronomy! When we are in the middle of a wine tasting visit, all those elements are intertwined with the place itself, with the particular region visited. Our point is that it is more likely to experience stronger exchanges in the smaller, less known bodegas.

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