txakoli grape picking tapasWhile strolling through the charming streets of Bilbao or San Sebastián, you probably noticed impressive rows of cider-like green bottles lining up in almost every pintxo bar. Once you get inside, you can witness the extraordinary process of serving this magic potion from a great height, which for a lot of foreigners can be quite an unusual attraction. We are talking about a fruity white wine called Txakolí, without which no visit to the Basque Country would be complete. Txakolí is a Basque word, meaning “wine made from a village” or “wine village” and it was in those beautiful Basque farmhouses where it was traditionally made and consumed.


The first mention of this effervescent wine dates back to 1520, but it wasn´t until recently that it became popular not only in the north of Spain, but all over the world. The most common variety is the white one, but there are also red and rosé Txakolís. The white wine’s moderate alcohol content and the subtle taste of hondarrabi zuri grapes make it a perfect aperitif, which is truly enjoyable and easy to drink. In order to ensure the highest quality of this dry white wine, it should be drunk within the same year as bottling. Extremely refreshing, slightly sparkling and with a pleasant touch of acidity, Txakolí reaches its full potential when chilled and poured from a considerable height, releasing all its hidden flavours. This fizzy wine goes well not only with seafood or cheese, but also with fried snacks that you can enjoy with your friends on a lazy summer afternoon with a gentle breeze of the Cantabrian Sea.

Txakoli wines tasting

If you still haven´t tasted this Basque wine or just want to have some fun with your friends, take part in the celebrations of Txakolí Day in Amurrio on May 22nd. There will be a presentation of the 2015 Txakolí harvest, during which you’ll have the chance to taste Arabako Txakolína wine and traditional broth. What is more, you can enter the gastronomic competition, which attracts waves of wine lovers every year. All the participants’ recipes will have to include: Lumagorri chicken and Txakolí wine from the Arabako Txakolína Designation of Origin. Apart from wine tasting and the culinary competition, you’ll be able to buy handmade products and listen to traditional music. Don’t waste this opportunity and start a new adventure with Txakolí wines!


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