What I can expect from a visit to a Spanish bodega?

When we visit bodegas, our experience may vary. We often walk to the vineyards first, where we learn how vines are growing, which grapes are grown and what happens in each season. Obviously, the opportunity to visit or walk through the vineyards will depend on the weather. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes at all times as vineyards are often uneven or muddy.

After learning about how grapes are grown, we move in to the winery. Here, the temperature may be cool so a sweater might be useful. Usually the owner, the enologist or your guide will explain the wine producing process, the ageing, and bottling or business chain. Their personnel are always pleased to answer any of your questions.

Last but not least, we will taste the wine produced in the bodega. The type of wine tasting can be standard, so the owner or guide will determine whether it will be a vertical tasting or include both white and red wines. Upon request, we organize tasting sessions with wines of your choice, red or white wines, young wines, crianza.

Tasting sessions are usually accompanied with tapas or some dried fruits and nuts.
During the tasting sessions, the colour, flavor, scents and taste of the wines will be discussed. The bodega owners appreciate it when you ask some questions or give your personal opinion.
Wine tasting is not about showing how much you know about wines, but about sharing your own experience and how you feel when drinking or enjoying a particular wine.

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